Insomnio - Walking On The String EP

Walking On The String EP

1) Still Remember

I remember that night all my life
I found something I didn't believe
when you kissed me
I could fly
and I flew with you
until I couldn't more
I gave a shot of you spit
and then I realized
I was hooked on you...
we ate the world
everything becoming smaller
but we made a little
mistake my girl/boy
we played too hard
we bet too strong
we came up too high
and something broke
even so I still remember
every night I slept with you
I didn't want to wake up
and today, something I think
I'm not awake yet

2) Too Hard

I wanna go
life ain't an easy way
and ain't have a hold
I wanna go
answer is wrong
the devils are knocking
on my door
and I know, and I know
that isn't escape

it's too hard
but come on friend, now you gotta get up.
you're not alone ... oooh!

everyday's the same
the mirror shows me devastated face
the count-down has started
see you in hell

3) Life Time

your life sucks
you only work and work
ten hours each day
you're wasting your lifetime
I'm not into your jail
time, my time is only mine
first, I'm gonna spend it better
my ears are clean of all your lies

4) Walking On The String

you're walking on the string
and know that anytime you can fall into a void
it's so long since you have walked on firm land
that you've got used to fear

that you don't feel anything now
so many few things make you cry
long ago you crashed into the heavens
that is when you walked too fast

don't look back - there's nothing to see
don't look back - tomorrow can be your last day

you could try the worst of poisons
and still you wouldn't be harmed
you have found your wild side
nothing will stop you from the beast

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