Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture

Coke Bust
Fuck Bar Culture

1) Fumigation

Panic from coast to coast
A black market on the rise
Losing the war in our home
So we take the fighting to the skies

Fumigation in your fucking lungs
Fumigation in your fucking lungs

Death spray make them move somewhere else
Death spray no regard for their health
Death spray such a minimal gain
Death spray will never stop the flow of cocaine

Burning cough and a bloody nose
Stuck with their crops that cannot grow
It's hard to live when you can`t get paid
Under attack of America`s air raid

Then you speak of the war on terror
Who are the terrorists?

2) A lot to digest

You see things fucked up
And you don't say a word
You focus on hearsay
And the bullshit you heard

What are your intentions?
Improving the community
-That's funny at best..
And coming from you its
A lot to digest
Too lazy to venture
So you preach to the choir
You're a big fucking star
And your status is higher

You're judging
You're gossiping
So misdirected

You're pretentious
Pushing others away
From your cause

If you were genuine
It wouldn't be the case

You're bullshit
You're bullshit
You're such motherfucking bullshit
Your insincerity doesn't slip past me

3) Figured Out

Tired of learning things way too late
Too painful to chalk up as growing up
So much frustration so much regret
Mistakes for years I'll never forget

Answers are simple terms are clear
We turn our backs and shut our ears
I know it's an excursion and not a quest
And get bummed out but i'll do my best

Got some cash can't help but spend it
You figure out money when you're insolvent
Broken picture frames on your shelf
You figure out love when you're by yourself
So many leeches and you never learn
You figure out friendships after you're burned
Years of thoughts racing through your head
You figure out life when you're already dead
You're dead
You're nothing
You're gone

4) Fuck Bar Culture

Young professional
Getting ahead
Sick of life
Already dead
A vicious cycle of pain and regret
The sleazy endeavors you try to forget
Taken alive, taken as prey
The bottles gripped you and you have to obey
On the stools, and in the dark
Stiff heads rest below their shoulders
Fuck Bar Culture

5) Privileged

Given everything
Thankful for nothing
Take it away
Fuck you

6) Because of the Label

Stared up and down
And grabbed in the pit
She opens her mouth
And she's just called a bitch
Political and horny
Hide behind polyamory
just want to get laid
I'm sick of your story

And you're the first
To place the blame
Behind your mask
You're just the fucking same

The sparks were flying
And you got her in bed
You're on to the next
You brag to your friends
Now people are talking
But not about you
Holds her head in shame
And I wish you would too

It's got a stigma
It's PC
Because of the label
You won't agree
Stuck in your ways
Lack all respect
Too much of a man
To acknowledge the subject

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