Coke Bust - Cycle of Violence

Coke Bust
Cycle of Violence


1) Under the streetlights

A drug lord removed
A constricted supply
The prices will soar
But people need to get high
The incentive increases
So another steps up
Everyone loses
And the Fight is corrupt

Killing each other
Sanctions for a civil war
Under the streetlights
Victims at mercy of the courts
Under the streetlights

The freest market
Our economy knows
Takes a toll on its people
And the bullet holes show
job for the cops
Profits for the prison
A big fucking circle
And they just will not listen

You've created a market
You've done it yourself
You call the shots
That ring in the night
So I pledge my allegiance
And gaze at the flag
Liberty and justice
For bodies in bags?

Who are they kidding?
They know they can't win
Continued oppression
Again and again

2) No One To Impress

Eye to eye, neck to neck: social standing
Dog eat dog, tug of war: Status ranking
I can see it in your eyes and I
Feel your desperation
I can smell it on your breath and I
See you salivating

No one, No one to impress

Just like the man with a suit and a tie
You're getting ahead and living a lie
just like the rats, you travel in packs
For any price you'll be stabbed in the back
Do the right things, act the right way
Keep everyone happy and watch what you say
Live my life with no one to impress

3) Countdown to Death

I'm dying
As I forge head first into this suicide
I struggle to justify the days inside my mind
Another week in this life
Another month of hell
Circled by vultures
Before I bid farewell
It's getting worse- I got out of bed for this?

I'm dying
As I forge head first into this suicide
Chasing after all the wrong things
That I will never find
Hold my breath, blow the candles,
And I make a wish
To quietly ease my way out
And put an end to this

I take a look at my life, and everyone I see
I'm just passing the time, this world is shit to me
I take a look in the mirror, and there's no one there
A surrendered face and an empty stare
A fucking empty stare

4) Lines In The Sand

Getting tired of breaking my back
I'm easily appeased and quick to submit
Why should I explain myself to people
Who just don't give a shit?
You crossed me
You're an enemy
It's over
We're fucking through
Landlocked, but I've accepted this
My shrinking box is where I reside
This is my fucking territory
Now get the fuck back on your side

Lines all around me

Accept my fate
Divide this land
Draw the lines in the sand

5) Cycle of Violence

Raised in a home with constant violence
Intimidating threats that ensure silence
Wants to tell but doesn't know who
His future is bleak, black, and blue

Trapped in a cycle of violence

He's a mirror image of his father's life
Now he beats his kids and he beats his wife
The cops get called, he gets pissed
Blood's been boiling all night in jail
No excuse for this
Youth without a chance
Running red in the family
Running Red

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