Coke Bust - Demo

Coke Bust

1) My disgust

Remember when you were
One of the kids
It meant something
And you gave a shit
Discourage those who
Were once in your shoes
You're a fucking bully
And there`s no excuse

Had your time, then it went
Now it°s us stand out of the Way

Stand outside
You play no role
Contribute nothing
You have no soul

I don't care who your friends are
I don't care what bands you were in

My love for this, my disgust for you
I won't let you stand in the way
Fuck you

2) Power junkies

I refuse to take part in your fucking game
Two parties so different, yet they°re just the same
Bribes, special interests, power junkies plague our land
They feed off us while bribing us with our own helping hands

Blood on your hands, but you don't seem to mind
A powerful neglect, for the welfare of mankind

Fake away our freedoms, terrorize over seas
People are getting restless, while on their fucking knees
Bribes special interests, power junkies plague our land
They feed off us while bribing us with our own helping hands

I despise it
I detest it
I reject it
Patterns of shame, repeating in history
I can see it coming
You don't represent me

3) Shut out

Shut your mind
Happier that way
Everything is as it appears

Hear what you want
See what you like
Living with your hands on your ears
Shut me out, shut me up
Makes me wonder why I try
I haven't spoken and yet
You already have a reply

Shut out
Bang my head against a motherfucking wall

4) Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Two bit cocaine dealers
And brutal drug turf wars
Crooked cops looking for kick-backs
Now kicking down your door

You snorted the whole supply that
You were supposed to sell
Seek immunity; wear a wire
Go to a cheap motel
Before you could testify
You were taken out
No more proof beyond a reasonable doubt

You're busted
Didn't think it would go this far
You're busted
Laying hog-tied in a trunk
You're busted

5) Source of Misery

You're the reason I cringe in my sleep
Grip the pillow, grind my teeth
You're the source of my misery
You stick around, you will not leave

What the fuck do you want from me?
I hate you
I hate you
What the fuck are you trying to prove?
I hate you
I hate you

One of these days I'll make you listen
Shut your mouth, and sit you down
Submerge your face in all your lies
That you wouldn't take back so now you drown

Now you drown
Concrete strapped to your feet

6) Sick of routine

Sick of routine
Society°s shit
Have no place and
Just can°t deal with it
Everyone's fucked
And falling on you
You won't get a break
And won’t be subdued

Go apeshit
Lose your mind

Roaming the streets
With a vendetta
To take everyone out
Is your only agenda
Lead to your death
But you just don't care
Your life was fucked
Beyond repair

Go apeshit
Lose your mind

7) No middle ground

Consuming our lives
Feigning for rage
Too manifesting
To just be a stage
Dove head first
Invested too much
We're already sold
Discovered a crutch

There`s no fucking middle ground
You can't walk this fucking fence
You're either down or you're not...

Sick of all the half-ass kids
Who don't fucking give a shit
Eat it up, spit it out, leave us nothing
And happily quit
We've put all our eggs in one basket
And when I die there will be an X on my casket

A fucking X on my casket

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