Foreign Objects - Demo

Foreign Objects

01) fixed failure

I can't do anything - prodigal generation
I don't know what I know
I only do what I'm not told
a stalemate wrapped in sordid stance
a washout, wasted in a trance
derelict dolt - but I disgress
don't you know we just want what is best?
there are no expectations
we've been assigned an object fate
I can't do anything - narcistic, selfobsessed
I don't know what I know
I'll only sink low
I'll botch the basics of a scheme
and I will destroy your every dream
there's dues and you've got to pay
but hard work will cover the mundane

02) decline

It's transmutation
when you alter your disguise
distortion just highlights the lies

removing time - I need a life
that looks less like mine
dissect and leave behind
because I can defy decline

who needs a history to master immunity
cut the proof - detach the flaws
I'll make my own immmortality

03) lost time

why don't you like me?
I can't see it through
So I guess I'll take your hate
and turn it around on you

I want to throw punches - I want to show I'm in control
who needs a reason?
I want to build not break down walls

to hell with unity
this moment is about me

I gotta make up lost time
And recoup the loss
Of a youth undesired

04) The long way

time after time
it's people who see through my eyes
but what do you do
when the face you knew
is now the face of crime?

I can't walk and look just one way
I know the truth
but you won't hear what I say

I don't want to take the long way
and trade choice for sanctuary

am I judged for your mistakes?
what's the difference?
because I know we're not the same

05) fable

hold on to your young
what we see today will change tomorrow
this moment is history
the messiah is here
this savior has come to set us free

what can't be worse - may not be better

I'm desperate to see a different day
I want to believe our hearts have changed
but I'm caught up in what I see
and I'm scared of what could be

where's the line?
it's fable


Dan - drums
Meghan - bass
Melissa - guitar
Terry - vocals

Recorded 2/09 at Dead Air Studios, Leverett Ma. by Will Killingsworth


Thanks Will

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