Sick Mormons- Sick Mormons 7"

Sick Mormons
Sick Mormons 7"

Don't wanna compromise
don't you hold me back
I live my life without responsibilities
always ready to attack
I'm not gonna try to change the world
I'm gonna live my life my own way
no matter how hard I scream
cause no one hears what I say

Every day I'm coming closer
while time is ticking away.
Don't wanna think about tomorrow
Don't wanna think about yesterday

Woke up in the middle of nowhere
I don't know where I am
can't remember where I've been
I don't understand
Am I dead or still alive?
Cause I don't feel anything
can't remember where I was
help me understand

I feel so confused!
But it was just a bad dream
I looked through my window
and the misery starts again

All the things you do and all the things you say
all your life you preach what did you really change
do you really think you can
make the world a better place
if you wanna do so
you must throw a bomb
on the human race

you have a twisted mind
how can you be so blind
when you wake up
you're stranded with frustrations
with frustrations

I'm in a war,
don't know what it's about
Don't wanna lose,
but I just can't get out
won't need your sympathy
you only bring me doubt
I'm all alone
but I will fight my way out

I've got nothing to lose
I've got nothing to gain
not much to live for anyway
I'm fucking going insane

We thank: De Baarmoeder and all the Embryo Punx, Bootsman Angry Youth, Jasper Demonomania and Marcel Gummopunx.
We recorded march 2008 at Studio 195 with Patrick. thanx for everything.
Sick Mormons are:
Marc Oeds Filipe Douwe

Baarmoeder rest in peace

Band picture by Violette

Gummopunx - M.Schilpzang@chello.nl, members.chello.nl/m.schilpzang/
Demonomania - demonomania82@gmail.com, http://www.demonomaniarecords.com
Angry Youth - kingsofpunk@gmail.com, http://www.myspace.com/angryyouthrecords

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